So small, Easy install, Easy use, High accuracy, Free interface.


The technology principle
2D imaging technology is adopted to accurately track the track of a person and identify the direction of his/her entry and exit through the statistical method of head and shoulder. In the environment is not complex, can accurately count the number of people, and output the data in and out.
● Appearance industrial design, simple installation, scientific and reasonabl
● Web portal for local and remote management, can be applied to WIFI, wired network
● Embedded algorithm, accurate statistics of passenger flow accuracy on average more than 96%
● A highly integrated
● Data output in minutes, 180 days of data storage, can be disconnected from the network to continue transmission, remote debugging and upgrading
● Open API for easy system integration

  • Materials and Color: ABS White
  • Device Dimensions: 80*80*47mm
  • Package Dimensions: 105*105*65mm
  • Net Weight: 100G
  • Power supply: POE or 12Volts DC external
  • Transport protocols: HTTP, FTP, HTTPs, FTPs
  • Effective height: 2.8-4.8M
  • Operation temp: 0~60℃
  • Suitable range: In door
  • Storage: 30000000 pieces(180Days)

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    Additional information

    Installation mode

    Mode 1: Hidden-type into the celing

    Mode 2: Out-celing

    Effect after installation

    Floor management

    Main imports and exports

    Installation outside the store

    Quality certification