So small, Easy install, Easy use, High accuracy, Free interface.


The technology principle
TD2000 adopts 3D imaging technology. Through image analysis and deep learning algorithm, it can accurately count the direction and entrance and exit of the flow of people. It can also count the humanoid figures of different heights, distinguish adults from children, and count the accurate passenger flow data. Low requirement for installation environment.
● All-in-one platform embedding data capturing, deep learning and stereo vision analytics
● Distinguishing between adults and children
● Filtering non-traffic objects like shopping carts, mannequins, shadows, reflections, etc
● Ability to incorporate data from multiple sensors for people counting in a large area
● Support of tilt mounting, flexible mounting brackets for unobtrusive installation
● Supports scheduled streaming of digital video output remotely for count accuracy validation
● Web portal for local and remote management
● Open API for easy system integration
● Internal storage stores configuration settings and at least 90 days of data

  • Materials and Color: Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Black / White
  • Device Dimensions: 162*78*48mm
  • Package Dimensions: 204*107*70mm
  • Net Weight: 344G
  • Power supply: POE or DC 5V(2A)
  • Transport protocols: HTTP, FTP, HTTPs, FTPs
  • Effective height: 2.4- 5M
  • Operation temp: 0~60℃
  • Suitable range: In door
  • Storage: 8GB Flash

  • Video E-mail

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