So small, Easy install, Easy use, High accuracy, Free interface.


Real-time accurate statistics:
● Real-time accurate recognition of the human body, accuracy of more than 98%;
● Accurately filter children and other large objects;
Designed for Complex environment:
● The sunny scene on the street;
● Decorative lighting scene;
● Dark/dimly scene ;
Unaffected by the environment :
● Designed for floor and wall scenes with various materials/colors;
● The scenes with walls/doors/objects around;
AI Network Device:
● Local computing is supported without the need for a local server;
● Support offline storage, support off - line continuation;
● Supported to Power supply by POE;
● Supported by WI-FI;
Plentiful APIs:
● Device enable plenty of APIs;
● Developers can integrate development flexibly and quickly.
● Large Coverage:
● With 100° field of view, covering a wider range.

  • Materials
  • Materials and Color: ABS White
  • Visual Field:
  • Horizontal 100°,Vertical 70°
  • Function Parameters:
  • Accuracy : ≥98%
    Height Range : 2.2m~6m
    Coverage Range: 1.2m~5.5m
    Filter Height: 0.5m~1.2m
  • Technical Parameters
  • Power:3.2W~3.6W
    Power Supply Mode:POE(802.3af/at)/DC-12V
    Ethernet: UTP/WI-FI
    IP Addressing Statics: IP / DHCP
    Offline caching:90 Days
    Other DATA Interface:485 x 1/ 6V~24V IO Input x 1
  • Work Environment
  • Work Temperature: 0°C~45 °C
    Work Humidity :20~80 %
    Storage Temperature:-20°C~50 °C
    Storage Temperature:20~80 %
  • Packaging
  • Structure(mm):143x 70 x 40
    Weight (g):309
    Installation:Top Mounting/Lifting/Embedding
  • Protection level
  • Protection level:IP65

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